Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Molly Ivins זצ"ל

Molly Ivins, the cranky, irascible, cynical, liberal and brilliantly funny author and columnist died Wednesday at the age of 62, during her third bout with breast cancer. Texan to her bones, and salty in speech and manner, she will be sorely missed for her unreserved skewering of the deserving.
She was unflappable and witty, reminding us always that we are the American people, and this country is ours - to fix and to to insistthat our leaders be called to account. She left the world a better place, and not only that, but a funnier one.
I suppose God needs a laugh now and then, too.

Molly Ivins
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Pragmatician said...

Never heard of her, it's a shame many influential and special people are only mentioned and remembered after their death.