Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy Birthday MLK. We're still working on your dream.

One of the great prophets of our nation, we often only remember the oft-quoted snippets of his speeches, but let's not forget what Dr. King worked so hard to remind us; freedom is not merely lip service to rights. Yes, race, and the perception of it, is itself important. but Dr. King recognized that it is the economic state of persons which has such great bearing upon their life.
Since today is his birthday, I challenge you to listen to the entirely of his speech, far more radical than we like to recall, and remember his full legacy: that he calls upon us to fight for economic dignity of all persons. That labor should make us able to support our families, and that organizing into unions is a force for freedom and dignity and allows the workers to receive their just due.

May we see a day when his dream of a nation -indeed a world- of free people, living in dignity, is achieved.

"I Have a Dream"

Dr. King's final speech (Mountaintop - graphics generic)

The full text of the MLK "I have a Dream" speech.
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Pragmatician said...

No patience to listen to the whole thing, but I did hear about his legacy.
It's sad that Jews and Blacks don't have more of a bond.