Thursday, January 06, 2005


OK. I admit to amusing myself with this stuff. here are some of my faves:

Googlism for: alana
alana is an ethnic joke
alana is waiting in her dungeon
alana is a channeled energy brought through sandy breckenridge
alana is a mirror of your heart and therefore the familiarity that you feel in sensing alana's tone and bringing it into your nature
alana is a name for universal heart energy
alana is an executive board member of the high hopes 24 hour crisis hotline
alana is a world
alana is to be a model to imitate
alana is knocked unconscious and jenny runs to get help
alana is waiting in her dungeon in north london
alana is always aware that she is meant to be a princess trapped in a dungeon or tinkerbell being kidnapped by the lost boys
alana is more than just your average pop songstress
alana is the brainchild of leonard perry
alana is a raver
alana is very inspirational
alana is still evolving and there is much work to be done
alana is a very pretty wrestler with years of experience
alana is an amha and amhr registered sorrel filly

suskin is also not the irritatingly esoteric type who scorns the material things in life

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