Thursday, January 27, 2005

Analyze That!

I have what must be the weirdest collecting habit ever: blank notebooks. I don't actually mean to collect blank notebooks mind you, there's just something irresistable about a brand new notebook with a nice sturdy cover that makes me want to buy one in which to write things down. Somehow, though, once I get them home (or into a tote of some sort), I always end up writing a few pages' worth and then wandering offf. I think it's actually the potential of a new notebook that lures me; the possibility of filing one up with something, rather than the actual discipline of doing it.
Not that I've never filled up a blank notebook, but only once has one of the notebooks I filled been one of the teasing tomes with the mellow fake "aged leather" (or whatever) covers. The ones I actually have succeeded in filling (nearly all of which were in one particular summer spent in Israel) were cheap, flimsy and not particularly compelling looking volumes. Go figure.

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