Thursday, June 07, 2007

Judaica oddity of the week

I really want one of these.

It purports to help the beginner, who can say the blessing along with the doodad. It repeats the blessing in Hebrew, word-for-word, followed by English.

The thing is though, wouldn't you need to know which prayer was relevant in order to press the correct button? From the picture, it seems to regard ha'etz as fruit, and ha'adamah as vegetables. Unfortunately, this isn't exactly accurate. Actually, it's not accurate at all (Strawberries, anyone?).
It does however, come with two bonus prayers!


orieyenta said...

That is the funniest contraption ever. I just hope my little one never finds out about it or we'll be hearing all those blessings until the batteries run out!

Pragmatician said...

It is interesting, it should come with a list of all types of food though.

Jack's Shack said...

What pronunciation do they use. In some households that could cause all sorts of chaos.