Sunday, May 27, 2007

Upsherin/tisporet finally achieved

Well, we finally cut DS's hair. We went to a local butcher barber, who did Leon's hair first, then about halfway through, DS sat on my lap, and had his done, and then I had mine done. Terrible job on me and DS (partly because the woman couldn't really speak English, and so was incapable of following directions), but his hair is shorter now - and on a three year old, who cares if he has what is essentially a bowl cut? It was also accomplished with no screaming or wiggling, and he liked having the spray bottle of water on his hair (I made funny noises, which helped). His hair is now shoulder length, which is more manageable. I think it also qualifies as having not cut the corners of his head, although there isn't anything one could obviously pick out as peyot.


Jack's Shack said...

Mazal Tov.

In regard to your question about Haveil Havalim the answer is that there have been 118 editions of this round up.

I have hosted it about 7 times or so. Basically it is just a short round up of posts from the JBlogosphere.

If you have more questions email me at talktojacknow at sbcglobal dot net.

Jeffrey said...

I'm glad you got it done, and glad you left him with plenty of hair. In none frummie circles, when they finally do this, they tend to go to a short hair "boy" look.

But why would you go get your hair cut by someone who can't even understand what you want? (speaking as someone who still shleps to the Upper West Side, from Brooklyn, to the same guy who cuts my hair in his living room, even though I have not lived up there for 25 years.

He speaks good English and I'm sure he won't go and cut off all my hair, which I am emotionally attached to. I would actually like it longer, but it has too much male pattern thinning for that to work :-) )

What a long parenthesis!