Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dragon Fruit

For some reason, I had the urge to write about Dragon Fruit today. Dragon Fruit are
also known as Hylocereus undatus or the Pitahaya. They are possibly one of the strangest looking fruit I have ever eaten. I think I ws thinking about them because I' ve been thinking about Israel, and Israel was where I had them for the first time. During the year I lived there, I had a particular fruit seller to whom I always went (also a particular makolet where I always bought my dairy items, etc. I loved that!) And he occasionally had these things. Yes, things is the only word for them. They are violently pink with green protuberances, kind of like a pineapple, but softer and longer. Just the outside is a little daunting looking. When you open them up, they're no more normal. Some of them are white with black seeds, others are dark red with black seeds, the seeds looking somewhat kiwi like - and the texture of the fruit flesh is kiwi like, too - except in color.
Here's the surprise. These scary looking fruit, I was hoping would be spicy or sharp or tart or something unique:: guess what: bland, bland, bland. It's pleasant in texture, but the taste is just mildly sweet with no discernable flavor. Imagine mixing a spoonfull of sugar into a glass of water. Really.
I'm thinking of analogies: high school goth girls. Dress dangerously, but dont do anything worse than wear eyeliner and dye their hair black and write bad poetry in their journal.
Well, I guess at least the fruit isn't poisonous, right?

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